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Saturday, 22 April 2017 19:09

Some Thoughts and Observations from this past weekend Featured

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Some thoughts and observations from this past weekend for use in planning next weekend.  

*After reading on the national site and having been part of this weekend’s training as well as past “closer to the manual trainings, I suggest a meld.  Similar to what we did this last time with an extra training for the leaders as to the content that they will share in their separate team meetings.  Structure the content with information as well as a prescribed order. 

*A FL Secretariat has a 4-5 hour training session just for the new Rector/Rectora immediately after they have accepted the call and prior to any team selection.  This is a great idea.  It will give direction and focus right out of the gate and save a bunch of time wandering through the manual and making a lot of phone calls. 

*I suggest a 2-3 person mentor team for the new Rector/Rectora during the lead up months.  This team should include the most recent Rector/Rectora as well as past leaders. This mentor team’s involvement / guidance will be more significant in the beginning of the process but will diminish as the Weekend gets closer. 

*Bonnie and Rhonda were phenomenal in setting the Bible readers, processional participants as well as Grace and Thanksgiving people.  They came prepared ahead of time and had the entire weekend lined out early Friday.  Made the balance of the weekend a lot less frantic. 

*I suggest that we have a more formal VdC UT music pool.  This is separate from the Weekend music team though Weekend musicians might be part of the larger pool.  During the training months Geography,  life etc can be a problem.  With the larger pool we should be able to have musicians available for the training session and take some pressure off of the Weekend music team. 

*Over all I think the mood of the Weekend was positive.  I only heard of a couple of exchanges that were not positive but did not amount to a larger issue.  I believe that stressing the getting along aspect of the Weekend early and often during the training was helpful. 

*Comments about appropriate language needs to included in training as well as the opening remarks for the Weekend.  There were some inappropriate remarks by team members during Bonnie’s Weekend and by some Weekenders this last weekend.  Not X rated but not appropriate either. 

*Bonnie gave me some advice that I think needs to be stressed to every new Recto Rectora: communicate often and stay positive.  This really helps the mood as well as regular open exchanges help make sure that the whole team is on the same page.

Stephen Fredine

Weekend #68 Rector


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