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Tuesday, 20 June 2017 20:55

News of the Storage Trailer Featured

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VDC family,
We have a few updates to our trailer situation and a couple new areas of VDC support from the community.  

Kevin Fitz worked some magic with his employer, Associated Foods, and they allowed us to store the VDC trailer at their lot for free.  Many thanks to Kevin as that alleviates costs for storage and also our recent headache of the trailer being pushed from place to place.  Associated Foods also has a possible offer of a replacement trailer.  All this is amazing news and many thanks should be shared with Kevin for working this!  After resolving the homeless trailer issues, we found out Pastor James Wakefield of GSLC offered VDC the use of a storage building on the GSLC grounds.  We quickly told GSLC this was fantastic and we definitely wanted to get more details.  Now we suddenly have choices, which is a blessed problem.  The secretariat discussed VDC long-term plans for weekends and feel the semi-trailer is not our best solution for storage.  We have been paying about $100 or more each time the trailer moves, which would continue even at Associated Foods, and do not feel this is the most cost-effective or functional solution.  The building at GSLC was felt to far outweigh any possible trailer benefits and we will work towards that end.  So to prepare the GSLC building for long-term use, will need some cleaning, shelf building and probably some basic maintenance, like painting, sealing, or roofing to ensure it is ready.

We are planning to inspect the building and prepare a list of work for the building, eventually bringing the VDC supplies over to store but it will take some readying.  Some events are outlined below.

  • We will have an in-depth building look in the next few weeks.  From there, we will plan for work days and request assistance.
  • We expect actual work will likely be in late July or early August and we'll continue until all work is complete. info and mass emails will go out for helpers.
  • Then, we will have to get the trailer over to GSLC and cross load to the new building.  Again, we will need assistance.
  • It would be best if during the cross-load we took our time to work on cleaning out tubs, consolidation of supplies, discarding unusable supplies, and clearly marking all containers.
  • Storage areas also should be clearly marked so all teams have their own defined location.  

    The end state of the storage building will help dramatically by having things ready for whomever wanted to do some prep for a weekend or even just handle some need out of the blue as it is much more available than in storage at a truck lot somewhere.

    On a separate note, it has been discussed by a good number of members that we should do away with the foam mattresses and go with the sturdy folding cots.  This would serve a multi-fold benefit.  The existing mattresses are old and have been dragged through various elements, they are getting to need replacement anyways, and they take up a lot of room.  The hope is that as we transition to the storage building at GSLC, we will also transition to some decent cots.  We are still trying to work through the numbers and a standard cot type and manufacturer to go through, there are even some made in UT.  Once we get that all straight, we plan on throwing out a plea for folks to donate funds or buy the cot selected.  We are thinking there may even be some possibilities of a bulk purchase, saving us money through us being a church group or through buying a few dozen at one time.  Please give that some thought as we work through the details to share and go forth to make this a reality.



John Mister


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