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Sunday, 06 August 2017 21:55

A message from The Secretariat President Featured

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De Colores!!

I had to say that. It’s been a while!

It is so easy to become myopic in our daily walk, isn’t it? We have what we have to do, and generally, we go about it in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. It’s no different for us on the VDC Utah Secretariat. Let me explain.

Ken Baum, whom many, if not most, of you know, has served over a year and a half on the Secretariat. Unfortunately, he finds he must step down because of job demands and other increased commitments. We thank him for his service, trusting that he will continue to nourish the 4th Day with his leadership.

When a vacancy occurs, we tend to get our gears a’turnin’ as we think of who would fill the gap well. However, before the Secretariat gets too far down that road, we need to slow down and ask the following question of you, the 4th Day:

Have you felt a nudge, a tug toward serving the 4th Day community? Likewise, do you feel a desire to serve on the Secretariat?

 If you feel that tug, or have that desire, please contact me, or one of the other Secretariat members. God probably speaks more directly to those he wants to serve than He does to those whose aim it is to fill a position.

This secretariat position oversees our policies and procedures. We are currently in the process of gathering what we have and collating it so that we can get it onto the Internet and available for everyone to refer to when we have questions, are developing VDC weekends, or are wondering how to do things related to Via de Cristo.

Again, if you feel an affinity for working with the Secretariat, contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it." target="_blank" style="font-size: 12.16px;">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or texting me at (801)699-5609. We’ll let this percolate with you until the 18th of August when we have our next Secretariat meeting, at which time we will proceed to appoint a member of the 4th Day to fill the vacancy.

 Thank you,


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