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Sponsor a Weekender!

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We can't have a weekend without weekenders, and each weekender needs a sponsor. Sponsoring is not just dinner and a mug. It is more than you could imagine. It is a lifetime of friendship built on the foundation of knowing Jesus. A friendship that is unique and true. Sponsoring is the team to be on! Consider sponsoring. Talk to your church VdC liaison or contact a council member. If you don't have a church liaison, consider being one for your church. Click here to read more about sponsor responsibilities.

Sponsor Responsibilites

Liaisons have an opportunity to create a team of sponsors. The sponsor team is the background team. They are in prayer for specific weekenders as they are assigned, no matter how early or late the weekender is signed up to go on the weekend. The sponsor continues to cover the weekend in pray once it is under way. Sponsors shower the weekend in prayer as teams prepare and work the weekends. The sponsor is the weekender's first contact with the Via De Cristo community.

  • As soon as sponsor is assigned to a weekender, sponsor should introduce him or herself to the weekender.
  • It is not a requirement as a sponsor to pay for weekender's weekend.
  • Sponsor should not be sponsoring if he/she is working the weekend. This may cause undue stress for team rectors.
  • Sponsor needs to be in prayer for weekender. Praying for things such as health, peace, and for his/her life to be cleared of anything that may complicate his/her weekend experience or obstacles that may stand in the way of the weekender going to the weekend.
  • Sponsor should invite weekender to start to pray for their weekend. This allows the sense of community to begin to be shown to the weekender. This also allows for a continued bond between weekender and sponsor.
  • Sponsor needs to regularly check on weekender for specific prayer requests.
  • Sponsor needs to answer any questions that the weekender may have about the weekend, how it is run and who may be working the weekend. Be completely honest. It is ok to inform the weekenders how the weekend is run. Please don't withhold any information. The weekend is an individual experience not a secret. The sponsor needs to try to help the weekender not to anticipate any events that may happen at the weekend. We all have different highlights from our own weekend. Remember what a high light was for one weekender may not be for another. This weekend is not a conversion process but an experience in deepening a relationship with our Lord.
  • Sponsor needs to prepare weekender of things such as no phone or watches. These items need to be left at home in order to have an experience that is not of the world. Sponsor will provide a contact phone number to the weekender as soon as one is established. Sponsor needs to find out if specific diet is needed and contact Rector/Rectora with information. Sponsor need to see if special bedding is needed. This information is typically on the weekenders' application. It is in the best interest of the weekender if the sponsor reassures that those needs will be met.

Sponsor will be receiving a letter from Rector/Rectora with responsibilities approximately 2 weeks before weekend if possible. Some of these responsibilities are listed below.

  • Set up time to pick up weekender and take his/her to dinner.
  • Have a coffee mug as a gift with a note of encouragement. The coffee mug can be dropped off prior to taking the weekender to dinner or given to the weekender at dinner.
  • Weekender should arrive to host church between 7:00 and 7:30.
  • Pray together if possible before entering the church
  • Escort weekender into church. Kitchen and Assistant Rector/Rectora team will be waiting to check in weekender and show them to their sleeping rooms.
  • After weekender is dropped off, sponsor needs to attend sponsor(s) hour. This service is hosted in the Palanca Chapel by the Palanca team. Here the sponsor will have a chance to meet other sponsors and pray for all the weekenders and teams. Lighting a candle for his/her weekender.
  • Sponsor can sign bibles. They are located in the 4th day room. Bibles need to be signed no later than Saturday at 9:00am
  • Sponsor also need to leave bed Palanca. Bed Palanca is a note of encouragement that will be left on the weekender's bed on Friday night after the Stations of the Cross portion of the weekend. This Palanca can be left with the 4th day team.
  • Sponsor need to attend the Sunday morning serenade at 5:30 am.
  • Sponsor needs to attend lunch serenade and Closura. After Closura sponsor takes weekender home.
  • Sponsor need to follow up with weekender throughout the first week after their weekend assuring that they are fine and answering any questions they may have. Sponsor should also try to help weekender find a renewal group to attend if possible.
  • Sponsors can also angel on any team throughout the weekend. Angels are a relief to any team.
  • Sponsors need to remind weekender of Ultreya. Ultreya is another way for the weekender to meet and fellowship with the fourth day community.
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